Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sky Girls

Glamour, excitement and adventure!  When women had few career opportunities, becoming a stewardess was dream come true - an opportunity to meet new, interesting people and travel the world.   Not to mention getting to model some fantastic uniforms.

Delta Air Stewardess 1957-1959

The original flight attendants in the 1930s were known as Sky Girls and were actually registered nurses.  Some pilots had hesitations about having these ladies on board, but quickly found out that the Sky Girls both calmed the passengers and made the pilots' lives easier.

The Original Sky Girls

During WWII most of the nurses working as stewardesses left their jobs with the airlines to help with the war effort.   As a result, the airlines loosened their hiring restrictions and no longer required that their stewardesses be nurses.  Now they just had to be young, slim, well groomed, friendly and, of course, unmarried.  It was modeling in the sky - so their uniforms had to be glamorous.

1940s Delta Air Flight Attendants
Chic TWA 1965 Flight Attendants

These PSA uniforms are by far my favorite.  Super girlie, sleek and sexy - a great combination.  I would love to wear one!

Pretty in Pink PSA Flight Attendents

There were also some definite fashion mistakes as well - for instance, the Braniff International uniforms of the mid-sixties - yikes!  Who came up with those?

Then there was the Space Bubble - I kinda love it.  It was designed by Pucci to keep the flight attendant's hair from getting disheveled on the tarmac.

The Space Bubble designed by Pucci in 1968

I also love the hot pants and go go boots of the 70s.  Can you imagine seeing a flight attendant in that today?

Not all stewardesses in the 70s wore hot pants, but the tone of the decade for stewardess uniforms was definitely fun and playful.

Hughes Airwest Flight Attendants in the Early 1970s

There are some pretty great vintage stewardess uniforms, but what's your favorite?

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