Thursday, August 30, 2012

Retro Themed BBQ

Looking for some last minute ideas for Labor Day?  How about a Retro Themed BBQ?

It's a great excuse to pull out your fav vintage garb and enjoy a day out in the sun.  Here are my top 5 tips to make your Retro Themed BBQ a hit:

1.  Set the Scene
  • Put out a gingham tablecloth (nobody will mind if it's plastic).
  • Decorate with some colorful pinwheels to add a little fun. 
  • Make sure the music playlist matches the theme - maybe throw in some songs from the Beach Boys or the Monkees?

 2.  Keep the Menu Simple and Traditional
  • Burgers and hotdogs were popular then and are popular now.
  • For sides use the old classics like corn on the cob, baked beans, coleslaw or potato salad.
  • Treat guests to cherry pie for dessert.

3.  Drinks Should Stay in Theme
  • Spring for the bottled Coca-Cola.
  • Keep beer American - think Budweiser or PBR.   
  • Try to get your hands on a vintage cooler to hold the drinks.
  • Find a large punch bowl and mix up some vodka pineapple punch.

4.  Provide Some Unique Fun
  • Set up a game of horseshoes, badminton or croquet.
  • Ask guests to bring their baseball gloves and get a game of catch going.

5.  Most Importantly, Dress the Part!
  • Maybe try a vintage floral dress.
  • As a hostess, you may even want to throw on a cute vintage style apron to add a little pizazz and keep the food off of your clothes.
  • Top the outfit off with a cute retro summer hat or head scarf and you'll be sure to look glamorous!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sky Girls

Glamour, excitement and adventure!  When women had few career opportunities, becoming a stewardess was dream come true - an opportunity to meet new, interesting people and travel the world.   Not to mention getting to model some fantastic uniforms.

Delta Air Stewardess 1957-1959

The original flight attendants in the 1930s were known as Sky Girls and were actually registered nurses.  Some pilots had hesitations about having these ladies on board, but quickly found out that the Sky Girls both calmed the passengers and made the pilots' lives easier.

The Original Sky Girls

During WWII most of the nurses working as stewardesses left their jobs with the airlines to help with the war effort.   As a result, the airlines loosened their hiring restrictions and no longer required that their stewardesses be nurses.  Now they just had to be young, slim, well groomed, friendly and, of course, unmarried.  It was modeling in the sky - so their uniforms had to be glamorous.

1940s Delta Air Flight Attendants
Chic TWA 1965 Flight Attendants

These PSA uniforms are by far my favorite.  Super girlie, sleek and sexy - a great combination.  I would love to wear one!

Pretty in Pink PSA Flight Attendents

There were also some definite fashion mistakes as well - for instance, the Braniff International uniforms of the mid-sixties - yikes!  Who came up with those?

Then there was the Space Bubble - I kinda love it.  It was designed by Pucci to keep the flight attendant's hair from getting disheveled on the tarmac.

The Space Bubble designed by Pucci in 1968

I also love the hot pants and go go boots of the 70s.  Can you imagine seeing a flight attendant in that today?

Not all stewardesses in the 70s wore hot pants, but the tone of the decade for stewardess uniforms was definitely fun and playful.

Hughes Airwest Flight Attendants in the Early 1970s

There are some pretty great vintage stewardess uniforms, but what's your favorite?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Peplum Wedding Dress?

Peplum has been a popular trend in 2012 - on the runways, in the stores, throughout the streets.  Everyone has seen it, but not everyone knows what to call it.  Peplum is that ruffle or short overskirt that attaches to a waistline of a dress, skirt, jacket or top.

Above is an example of a Peplum

This is by no means a new style.  Women have been wearing one style of peplum or another since at least the 1920s.  This style was brought to prominence in the 1940s (think classy suit) and then had a huge resurrection in the 1980s (think 80s prom).  This look can be amazing or tacky depending on how it's done.

This style best suits those with broad shoulders and narrow hips because it creates a sense of balance.  

Pear shaped girls beware  - choose your peplum carefully.  This look can be flattering, but if the peplum is too long it will draw attention to your hips and give you more volume where you don't need it.

I think we can agree that this is a great look for everyday wear, but what about for a wedding?  Apparently, peplums are going to be big for the 2013 wedding season. 

Angel Sanchez Gown
Marchesa Gown

Again, no one is reinventing the wheel - we saw peplum wedding dresses in the 1940s and 1980s...

1940s Peplum Wedding Dress
1980/1990s Peplum Wedding Dress

But are we ready for a round 3?  

 I will admit that some of the new peplum wedding dresses do look pretty nice, but are they a lasting style?  Or will we look back in 10 years and wonder - What were we thinking?

Reem Acra Gown
Ines Santo Gown

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Phone Art

A piece of art to carry in your purse.  Salvador Dali collaborated with Schiaparelli Haute Couture to create this Telephone Compact in the Fall 1935.  Can I call this the original flip phone? 

 Then came Dallas Handbags with an amazingly adorable and fully functional phone purse.  Just connect to a wall socket and you are good to go.
Small and Red
Large and Reptilian

Now in 2012 we can get the best of both worlds with a pocket sized rotary phone that lets us make real phone calls.  Check out the Second Skin Rotary iPhone 4 Case.

Is it bad that I want all of them?  What do you think is the must have?